ST3026 BEARING Case parts in #47117 request

#47117 mark jettinghoff from United States Ohio asks

Request #47117
Created 27-02-2017
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Brand Part No Description Qty
Case ST3026 BEARING 1
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Number on scheme: 6

Parts request Case:

Request #1084616  United States of America California 24-03-2023
1349466C1 Case OIL SEAL,69.77mm ID x 110.21mm OD x 13.08mm Thk
Request #1084602  Canada Ontario 24-03-2023
D61592 Case TUBE
D1590 Case TUBE - loader arm, hydraulics without diverter valve
Request #1084572  United States of America New York 24-03-2023
A40790 Case TUBE
Request #1084552  United States of America Virginia 24-03-2023
83357C1 Case FITTING
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