3597AA KIT Case parts in #250527 request

#250527 mcfayter from Canada Ontario asks

Request #250527
Created 28-12-2018
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Ship To Canada
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Brand Part No Description Qty
Case 3597AA KIT 1
Is this the full engine gasket set or just the head set? Please quote price with shipping to RR # 1 Hilton Beach Ontario Canada P0R 1G0
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Parts request Case:

Request #1130857  Canada British Columbia 28-05-2023
87010118 Case WIRE HARNESS
Request #1130842  United States of America New Jersey 28-05-2023
984647C2 Case JOINT ASSY.
Request #1130767  United States of America Georgia 28-05-2023
Request #1130682  United States of America Pennsylvania 28-05-2023
540813R1 Case HUB
Request #1130672  United States of America New York 28-05-2023
G13361 Case TUBE - center (48"-72") includes pivot bushings (311B)
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