K964134 BEARING Case parts in #249817 request

#249817 mathew beer from United States Virginia asks

Request #249817
Created 26-12-2018
Status Close
Ship To United States
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List parts:

Brand Part No Description Qty
Case K964134 BEARING 2
Case K954371 SCREW 4
Case K951775 BUSHING 4
Case K951772 BEARING 2
Case K951774 OIL SEAL 2
Case K951731 BEARING 2
Case K954354 RING, SNAP 2
Case K951732 OIL SEAL 2
Case K954367 PIN 4
Case K954370 PLUG 16
Case K954369 RING, SNAP 16
Case K954368 BEARING 16
Case K954366 YOKE 4
mathew beer:
hi at this time I am rebuilding a 1210 David brown and need these part to finish the diff off can you help please my ph number 0400402671
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