B8NN3A563A TUBE New.Holland parts in #147939 request

#147939 Charles Tibbs from United States Maryland asks

Request #147939
Created 23-02-2018
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New.Holland B8NN3A563A TUBE 1
Charles Tibbs:
I am trying to find the original replacement steel pressure and return lines for the power steering on my 1961 Ford 841
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Parts request New.Holland:

Request #1294312  United States of America New York 24-02-2024
5178680 New.Holland CABLE,1650mm L
Request #1294262  United States of America Texas 23-02-2024
NAA4605D New.Holland COUPLING
Request #1294207  United States of America New York 23-02-2024
SML33050 New.Holland FRAME
Request #1294206  United States of America Georgia 23-02-2024
87602156 New.Holland HYDRAULIC CYLINDER,Double Acting, 31.8mm Rod, 178mm Stroke
Request #1294187  Canada Ontario 23-02-2024
D6NNE999A New.Holland SEAL KIT
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