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0640202 SOLENOID Hitachi CX350DR, CX500DR, CX500PD, CX700, CX700 JPN, CX900, CX900-2, CX900HD, EX135UR, EX300-3, EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5, EX70LCK-5, EX75UR, EX75UR-3, EX75UR-5, EX75URLC-3, EX75US-5, EX80U, MH5510B, MX6515B, SCX...

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14 Nov 2023
0.6613[0.30] pounds
SINOCMP 0640202 Solenoid Valve 24V for Hitachi EX60-5 Excavator
SINOCMP 【Parts Number】0640202. || 【Applicable Model】Hitachi EX60-5 Excavator. || 【Quality】Manufactured with a high quality material for increased durability. || 【Precautions】Please make sure the model number, part number and photo is the same as yours. || 【What You Can Get】0640202 Solenoid Valve * 1, 24h * 7 customer service.

19 Jul 2023
0.0022[0.00] Pounds
CN: 89876Mall
LEKLAI 0640202 Solenoid Valve - Excavator Solenoids Compatible with Hitachi EX60-5 EX80-5 EX120-5 EX200-2 EX200-3 EX200-5 Ex
LEKLAI ⭐ It can work well for you. || ⭐ Strong construction and long service life. || ⭐ can withstand harsh environmental and weather conditions. || ⭐ Stable performance, safe operation, strong practicability. || ⭐ The old or damaged solenoid valve can be directly replaced to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the excavator.

19 Jul 2023

CN: DIYQuantum
12V Solenoid Valve Coil Fit EX120-5 Excavator 0640202
Generic 12V Solenoid Valve Coil Fit EX120-5 Excavator 0640202

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