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22 Jul 2019
420 Hundredths Pounds
Neken 0309017 SFS Upper Clamp - Red
CNC machined from aerospace quality tridium alloy || 1-1/8in. handlebar clamp included || Industrys first oil damped, air adjustable suspended handlebar clamp, offering 10mm of travel || Improves riding comfort and decreases arm pump || Torque settings etched on clamps

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529.81 USD

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Neken 0309017 SFS Upper Clamp - Red
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Powersport Superstore from Cedar Park,TX,USA
529.11 USD

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Neken SFS Upper Clamp, Red 0309017 0603-0672

OEM Cycle Shop from Loudon,TN,USA
560.65 USD

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Neken SFS Upper Clamp, Red 0309017 0603-0672
-=Satisfaction/Money Back Guarantee=-
Jawzy's PowerSports from Hinckley,OH,USA

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