3T8832 caterpillar:piston PISTON

3T8832 PISTON Caterpillar 992C, D8L, D9L

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23 Feb 2024

Premium Replacement Part OEM for Solenoid 3T8832 7X1361 AL110503 AL110504 AL110597 116-3626 130-0100 SSBO-758 Index-RST9111-FG1-8481
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08 Feb 2024
31.0[13.95] pounds
DB Electrical SBO0202 Starter Compatible With/Replacement For Caterpillar 416 Backhoe W/Perkins Engine, Cat Loader 416 426 428 436 438 3T8832, 6T8832 B0001369006 0-001-369-002 0-001-369-006
DB Electrical Spec: Unit Type: Starter, Voltage: 12, Rotation: CW, Teeth: 10, KW: 3.1, Starter Type: DD || Replaces OEM Numbers: ARROWHEAD: SBO0202, ARROWHEAD (OEM): B0001369006, BOSCH: 0-001-369-002, 0-001-369-006, 0-001-369-106, CATERPILLAR: 0R9995, 3T8832, 6T8832, 7X1361, J & N: 410-24219, 410-24368, LESTER: 16558 || Compatible With/Replacement For: CATERPILLAR: 416 1985-1992, 426 1986-1992, 428 1986-1992, 436 1988-1992, 438 1988-1992 || 1-year warranty protects you after your purchase. We're confident that our products will work flawlessly once installed in your vehicle. But in a rare case that it does not, we'll replace it anytime within one year of your order. If you have a problem, we will take every step to assist you, contact us for a replacement. || 100% New aftermarket Starter built to meet OEM specifications for Caterpillar

04 Feb 2024
20.0[9.00] Pounds
US: Rareelectrical
New 12V 10T Starter Compatible With Caterpillar Backhoe Loader 416 426 428 436 6T8832 7X1361 3T8832 0-001-369-002 0001369002 AGCO FPT-F5C Bobcat TL360 T2256 T2556 T35100 T35100L 26194600
Rareelectrical Compatible with BOSCH, CAT, CATERPILLAR, PERKINS and many more... Please verify your OEM part number from your original unit to help ensure fitment. || Replaces: BOSCH: 0-001-369-002 0-001-369-006, CATERPILLAR: 6T8832 7X1361 3T8832, ITEM DESCRIPTION: STARTER, UNIT TYPE: BOSCH, TYPE: DD, VOLTAGE: 12, POWER: 3.1 KW, ROTATION: CLOCKWISE, TOOTH COUNT: 10, GEAR OD: 39.8MM / 1.567IN, MOUNTING EAR 1: 10.8MM ID UNTHREADED, MOUNTING EAR 2: 10.8MM ID UNTHREADED, MOUNTING EAR 3: 10.8MM ID UNTHREADED, WEIGHT: 29.975 LBS / ... || Replaces: LBS / 13.62 KG ... || Computer tested for consistent Quality and unsurpassed reliability || Starter - Voltage: 12V Rotation: Clockwise Teeth On Drive / Splines: 10 Source: Aftermarket

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