ND091164 case:spacer SPACER

ND091164 SPACER New.Holland CV2000, CV1500, CV2500, CV1100 SPACER

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10 Oct 2019
11.32[4.95] Pounds
ND091164 Genuine CNH OEM Part Spacer
HYDRAULIC CLUTCH || ND091164 || SPACER || All CNH comes with 6 month warranty || Genuine CNH OEM Part

Parts spacer case:spacer:

4500, 5500-SERIES, 5550-SERIES, 3500, 3550, 4000 - SERIES, 4400, 4410, 4610N, 3000 - SERIES
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85802902 SPACER,10mm ID x 16mm OD x 13.5mm L
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M551, M357, M428, LM5060, M427, LM5080, LM5040, M459
87302564 SPACER,9.2mm ID x 13.7mm OD x 50.8mm L
C175, L190, C185, C190, LT185.B, LT190.B, L213, L216, L215
86624468 SPACER
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FR220, FW270, LW190, FR220.2, LW230.B, LW230, LW270.B, FR160, LW270, FR160.2, FW190
76086827 SPACER
W110TC, W130TC, LW110.B, W170B, LW130.B, LW170.B, W170C
85806910 SPACER
LM415A, LM430, LM435A, LM640, LM445A
79039493 SPACER,37.25mm ID x 41.7mm OD x 9.3mm L
CL145, D150, FD10E, FL10E, DC150.B, FD145, FL145, DC150LT, DC150PS
47048646 SPACER,10.31mm ID x 15.88mm OD x 15.49mm L
LB75.B, B110B, B100B, B100BLR, LB90.B, B115B, B100BTC, B90B, B110BTC, B95B, B95BLR, B95BTC, LB115.B 4WS, B110, B110 TIER 3, B115, B115 TIER 3, LB110.B
84257223 SPACER,7.9mm ID x 15.9mm OD x 17.5mm L
L225, L223, L230, C227, C232, L213, C238, L215, L218, L221, L220, L216
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