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EC360 None

Model variant Volvo EC360:

S/N start S/N end Variant
3001 9999 171870
3001 9999 171419
3001 9999 90365

Parts group

210.100. Engine DH04B001-DH04B002
211.100. Cylinder head DH04B001-DH04B002
211.200. Valve cover DH04B001-DH04B002
212.100. Cylinder block DH04B001-DH04B002
212.200. Crankcase ventilation DH04B001-DH04B002
212.300. Flywheel housing DH04B001-DH04B002
212.500. Lifting eye DH04B001-DH04B002
213.100. Connecting rod and piston DH04B001-DH04B002
214.200. Rocker arm DH04B001-DH04B002
214.300. Valve tappet DH04B001-DH04B002
215.100. Camshaft DH04B001-DH04B002
215.150. Timing gear casing DH04B001-None
215.200. Timing gear casing DH04B002-None
215.250. Timing gear DH04B001-DH04B002
215.300. Pump drive power take-off DH18B001-None
215.400. Power take-off cover DH04B001-DH04B002
216.100. Crankshaft DH04B001-DH04B002
216.200. Flywheel DH04B001-DH04B002
216.300. Vibration damper DH04B001-DH04B002
217.100. Oil sump DH04B001-DH04B002
217.200. Oil dipstick DH04B001-DH04B002
218.200. Engine mount DH04B001-DH04B002
220.100. Oil control valve DH04B001-None
220.200. Oil control valve, plumbing DH04B001-None SER NO 3001-3262
220.300. Oil control valve, plumbing DH04B001-None SER NO 3263-
221.100. Oil pump DH04B001-DH04B002
223.100. Oil cooler DH04B001-None
223.150. Oil cooler DH04B002-None
233.300. Fuel filter DH04B001-DH04B002
234.100. Fuel tank with fitting parts DH00A001-DH04J001
234.200. Fuel shut-off valve DH04B001-DH04B002
234.300. Fuel filling pump DH04J002-DH04J003
235.300. Fuel pipes-injector DH04B001-DH04B002
235.350. Fuel pipes-injector DH04B001-DH04B002
235.400. Fuel line, fuel heater DH04D001-None
236.100. Injection pump DH04B001-DH04B002
236.200. Drive for injection pump DH04B001-DH04B002
236.300. Air fuel control, plumbing DH04B001-DH04B002
237.100. Injector DH04B001-None
237.150. Injector DH04B002-None
251.100. Exhaust manifold DH04B001-DH04B002
251.200. Inlet manifold DH04B001-DH04B002
255.100. Turbocharger with fitting parts DH04B001-DH04B002
255.200. Turbocharger, plumbing DH04B001-DH04B002
255.300. Exhaust connection DH04B001-DH04B002
258.200. Charge air cooler, plumbing DH04B001-DH04B002
258.300. Inlet air heater DH04B001-None
261.300. Radiator
261.400. Coolant filter DH04B001-DH04B002
262.100. Water pump DH04B001-DH04B002
262.200. Thermostat housing DH04B001-DH04B002
263.100. Fan drive DH04B001-DH04B002
269.100. Coolant heater DH04B001-DH04B002
277.100. Automatic Speed control DH00A001-DH04B001
277.200. Automatic Speed control DH04B001 S/N 3263--None

321.100. Alternator with assembling details DH04A001-DH04A002
321.200. Alternator DH04A001-DH04A002
331.100. Starter motor, mounting DH00A001-DH04B001
356.200. Work lights, extra DH05A001-DH11C001
362.100. Rotating beacon DH05C001-None
362.200. Back-up warning unit DH05B001-None
362.300. Horn
363.100. Windshield wiper DH00A001-DH08A001 SADH00A001 SADH08A001
364.100. Switch DH00A001-DH08E001
364.200. Switch, quickfit control DH20B001-None
371.300. Cable harnesses, cab 8277096-DH08A001
372.100. Electrical distribution box DH00A001-DH04B001
372.200. Electrical relay DH00A001-DH20B001

715.100. Protecting plate DH11G001-DH11G002
716.100. Counterweights DH13A001-DH13A002 DH13A003 AND DH13A004,SER NO 3001-3340
718.100. Undercarriage frame DH16E001-DH16E002
718.200. Undercarriage frame DH16E003-DH16E004
718.500. Upper frame
718.700. Foot step DH16D001-DH16D002
775.100. Undercarriage, track with shoes DH16A001-DH16A002
775.1000. Bottom roller DH16E001-None
775.200. Undercarriage, track with shoes DH16A006-DH16A007
775.700. Front idler, spring package DH16E001-None
775.800. Track chain DH16A001-DH16A006
775.900. Top roller DH16E001-None

810.100. Operator's cab 8277096-DH08A001
818.100. Cab mount 8277096-DH08A001
821.100. Cowl frame, cover and hood DH00A001-DH10A001
821.300. Door, side
827.100. Handrail DH10E001-DH10E002
827.200. Anti slip DH10A001-DH10D001
830.100. Door, operator's cab 8277096-DH08A001
836.100. Roof hatch 8277096-DH08A001
837.100. Cabin floor
841.100. Rear view mirror DH08A001-DH10E001
843.100. Windows 8277096-DH08A001
843.200. Windshield 8277096-DH08A001
852.100. Operator seat with fitting parts DH08B001-DH08B002 SADH08B001 SADH08B002
867.100. Windshield protection DH11E001-None
867.200. Falling object guards DH11B001-None
867.300. Fops, protecting equipment DH11C001-None
870.200. Air conditioning unit line DH08D001-None
870.300. Heating line DH08D002-None
872.100. Air duct in cabin and cabin floor 3004) DH08A001-DH08D001
873.100. Heating unit DH08D002-None
874.100. Cooling unit DH08D001-None
882.100. Sun visor interior DH08H001-None
891.100. Rain visor, exterior equipment DH08G001-None
896.100. Tools DH02A001-DH02A002
896.200. Spare parts kit DH02D001-None
897.100. Decal, outer location DH03A001-DH03A002
897.200. Decal, inner location DH03A001-DH03A002
897.300. Decal, inner location DH19A001-DH19B001

911.100. Hydraulic oil tank DH00A001-DH09D001
912.1000. Working hydraulic, dipper arm rupture DH21D001-DH21D003
912.900. Working hydraulic, boom rupture DH21B002-DH21B004
914.1000. Servo system, remote control valve DH08C001-None
914.1100. Servo system, remote control valve DH08C002-DH08C003
916.100. Working hydraulic, boom DH21B001-DH21B002
916.150. Working hydraulic, boom DH21B003-DH21B004
916.1500. Working hydraulic, clamshell DH09F001-DH09F002
916.200. Working hydraulic, long boom DH17C001-None
916.500. Working hydraulic, dipper arm DH09F004-DH09F005
916.600. Working hydraulic, long dipper arm DH17C001-DH17C002
924.100. Attachment bracket, quickfit DH50A001-DH52A017
924.200. Quickfit and rotator hydraulic DH09B001-DH18B001
924.300. Quickfit and rotator hydraulic boom DH09C001-DH18C001
924.350. Quickfit and rotator hydraulic boom DH09C002-DH18C002
924.500. Rotator hydraulic, dipper arm DH18D001-DH18D002
924.600. Quickfit hydraulic, dipper arm DH20D001-DH20D002
925.100. Bucket DH52A003-DH52A005
925.1000. Bucket cylinder DH17G001-DH17G002
925.400. Bucket DH52A002-DH52A004
925.500. Bucket DH52A014-DH52A015
925.800. Buckets for Quickfit DH52A017-DH52A018
925.900. Buckets for super long boom DH52A016-None
974.1100. Boom and grease piping, super long DH17C001-None
974.1500. Boom cylinder DH17E001-DH17E002 SADH17E001 SADH17E002
974.200. Links to boom, mono DH17A002-DH17A003
974.300. Boom and grease piping, mono DH17A002-DH17A003
975.100. Links to dipper arm DH17B002-DH17D001
975.1000. Dipper arm cylinder DH17F001-DH17F002 SADH17F001 SADH17F002
992.100. Antitheft system DH11D001-None

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